Net-Zero Solar Install in Nanaimo

Nanaimo Install 1-A
Our customer in Nanaimo was interested in going net-zero on their electrical bill and was shocked to find out that it was much more affordable than initially imagined.
Nanaimo Install 1-D
We helped and worked with our customer to get through the Canada Greener Homes Grant. In turn they received $5,000 back on their solar install! With this incentive their 16 panel system will pay itself back in 10 years and will keep producing for a warranted 25+ years.
Nanaimo Install 1-B
For all our systems we use premium solar mounting equipment that allows us to flush mount rail to the panel making sure there is no rail poke-out to ruin the aesthetic of solar panels. We also install a front fascia that allows the solar to cohesively blend into the roof line.

To ensure that we have the cleanest installs we use micro-inverters that mount underneath the solar panels and on shingle roofs create the cable entry under-neath the panels. This makes it so there is no external inverter mounted on your roof or on your wall, and all the wiring is strategically hidden.

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