Do you have an RV that relies on electricity to run appliances or gear, but you’re sick and tired of having to listen to your noisy, fossil-fuel reliant generator? Looking to get off-grid in your tiny home? Just looking to up your “glamping” game? We’ve got solar systems to cover all of your recreational vehicle needs!

Small solar PV systems can also be applied to a variety of recreational applications, such as 4×4’s, RV’s and travel trailers.

With a variety of quality flexible and rigid solar equipment available, Streamline Renewables will have you up and running in no time! Renewable solar energy will allow you to stay out on your expedition longer while reducing the need to run your engine or generator to recharge your batteries.



Parts Installed:

– 2x Solar Panels

– 3000VA Inverter

– Battery Monitor

– MPPT Solar Charger

– 250Ah @ 24V Deep Cycle AGM Batteries


Optional Equipment:
+ Increase in quantity of solar panels & batteries
+ Cummins Auto Propane Stand-by Generator


+ Cummins Auto Propane RV Generator



Create your own power! Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

Solar Monitoring:

Streamline Renewables solar installations include lifetime system monitoring. This monitoring will show you real-time power production of your system – right down to each individual solar module.

Monitoring can be access through your smart-phone, tablet, or computer. You can track power production down to a 5 minute cycle.

Off-grid recreational system setup:


Solar panel cells absorb the sun’s energy in the form of photons and convert them into electrons, taking the form of DC (direct current) electricity. A solar cell, or PV (photovoltaic) cell is made up of 2 types of silicon that promote positive and negative electrical charges that are surrounded by conducting metals which transfer the electrons. The panel is topped with extremely durable tempered glass that protects the panel from damage.


The energy generated by the solar panels is then sent to deep cycle batteries. When the solar PV system generates more power than your tiny home requires, the excess electricity is stored in the batteries for use at a later time when the panels are no longer producing electricity.


Before electricity can be sent to the electrical panel it must be converted into AC (alternating current). AC power is used to supply electricity to all connected properties. In order to convert DC power into AC power, the electrical current must pass through an inverter. This is the final step before power can be transferred into your tiny home for use.


Once the inverter converts the power to AC, it can then be sent to the electrical panel. An electrical panel is a component that divides electrical power into subsidiary circuits that power appliances, lights, receptacles, etc. throughout the off-grid structure.


A backup generator can also implemented in your tiny home system. In the instance your solar PV system is not generating enough energy to power your structure, and the battery backup is depleted, a generator can be used to create electricity. A backup generator utilizes a small combustion engine to create DC current that is fed directly to the inverter.

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Streamline Renewables supplies all of your off-grid solar needs, for both new builds as well as existing structures.

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